Vital Proteins: been using this collagen protein in my smoothies for over four months and I can tell SUCH a big difference. It also comes in these handy travel sizes 🙂 Bioderma Eyecream: I use this every morning and night, I love the consistency. Glossier Serums: I think for the price, these serums are AMAZING. I have a lot of… View Post

Iceland, Belgium, Paris – it’s all been SO much fun, but one thing is for sure, it’s taken a toll on my skin. Travel combined with harsh weather conditions has made my skin incredibly dry and I am even breaking out in some areas. It’s making me wish my skin care guru, Amanda from Glow Dermal Therapy, lived in LA… View Post

It’s been just over a week since I landed in the homeland (Belgium) from Iceland. I was so incredibly exhausted from our 10 day trip, that it took me a sec to realize the magnitude of my time there. My intentions for this trip were: adventure and clarity. Iceland provided me with both of those, just not the way I had… View Post

I met Deema at a coffee shop in Venice. We met to talk about the effects of the election (and the outcome) on the Muslim community, from her point of view. When she walked in, I was immediately taken by her infectious smile. She has a very calming and soothing energy about her, and the more she talks, the more you… View Post