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All my Canadian besties are gonna wanna kill me when I say this but it’s true…living in California is pretty effing amazing, but some days, some weeks, I really miss seasons. I find the change in weather effects my moods in ways that constant sun rays just can’t do. The change helps me self reflect a little more, makes me enjoy nature more. I spent the day at Land’s End in San Francisco and it was raining, cloudy and the waves were majestic. I walked from the Cliff’s house all the way to Fort Point, all bundled up and it was incredibly therapeutic. Constant sunshine and pretty much perfect temperatures throughout the year, make you complacent in a way. You enjoy it six out of ten times, but for the most part, you take it for granted. It’s just another beautiful day. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy I don’t have to deal with Raincouver nine months of the year but spending Christmas in flipflops is always kind of strange. I guess what it really comes down to, regardless of the weather, is a change of scenery. And maybe that’s exactly what I needed this week. To be away from home for a few days, reading by the fire place, chit chatting with my mother in law and exploring different areas in San Francisco I haven’t been to yet. Inspired is exactly how I felt when I discovered a gem in a neighborhood I don’t know too well, the Mission. I went to this floral shop called Ampersand and was in absolute awe. The shop itself is #decorgasm the moment you walk through the big turquoise barn doors, and the inside is cozy, romantic and makes you feel all kinds of fuzzy inside. Most of the flowers there I have never seen in other stores, little monsters I called them. And the best part of this floral shop, you can rent out the space for a party, dinner, whatever the occasion may be! And that’s where #INSPOFEELS set in for me. Such a genius idea to rent out a cool, unique space (with flowers already there) as a secondary income to the shop. It’s so genius that I don’t understand why every floral shop doesn’t do this. Anyways, good thing for Ampersand cause for this reason and their little monster flowers, they literally are one of a kind.

I’m back in LA now and getting ready to take off to Vancouver. Planning a 12 day giveaway, starting December 1st. Stayyy tuned.


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