Bree Melanson: the angel with a gift


I’ve seen them all – psychics, energy healers, palm readers, tarot people, you name it. Anyone that can read my past, present, future – sign me up! I’ve always had a curious mind regarding the unknown, though I’m sure it helped having a spiritual mom who had crystals laying around the house like it was her job. While everyone else was obsessing over Patrick and Demi in Ghost, I was infatuated with Whoopi, spending the movie imagining I had her crazy talents and attitude. I’m sure the skeptics reading, think I’m an absolute nut, so this post might not be for you. But for those intrigued, keep reading.

I hadn’t been to a psychic in years. Mostly, because the last psychic I saw was right about EVERYTHING, even some terrifying stuff, and I didn’t want to receive any “bad” news. But then Bree Melanson happened. Like a tornado, she smacked me across the face and said “hi! im ready to read you”. No, I kid – that’s totally not how that went down. We met through a mutual friend and we just meshed immediately – you know that feeling when you look at someone you don’t really know but think to yourself “I like you, I really like you”. That’s what happened. She looks like someone you just want to carry around in your pocket all day, someone who would just naturally brighten up your day by standing right next to you. I asked her all sorts of questions, (how she sees or hears things, and from who or where) and received all sorts of answers. My mind was blown when she told me she receives some information in colors – wait whaat? I was intrigued and needed more time with her, a few weeks later we booked a session.

I kept an open mind for our session but tbh I was a little skeptic. I thought that maybe all these really cool stories I had with psychics only happened because I was young and naive. But just like we meshed when we first met, she meshed with my soul instantaneously – she saw right through me.  It was unlike any other experience I had been apart of in this realm. I would never describe her as one thing only. She has psychic abilities, speaks to your spirit guides, gives you advice and sometimes talks to the dead, all while “fixing you”, realigning you. There was no fuzz, all these things just came naturally to her. She doesn’t take herself or her gift too seriously and always keeps her sense of humor (a huge plus while you’re mid tears). I felt REALLY light after our talk – like a feather and all the things weighing me down just weren’t there anymore. The very next day, something happened that normally would have thrown me over the edge for weeks to come, but it didn’t even phase me. She connected me with many things, most too personal/crazy to share on (yes, dead people stuff) but ultimately I felt like she realigned me with my soul, my own vision and got rid of all the things blocking it.

She has a gift and it’s either something you want to experience for yourself or not. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re someone who is searching for clarity, maybe in need of a few answers or if you just happened to “stumble” across this, take a crazy leap of faith that this might be something for you. If not Bree, at least be open to the possibility that experiences from your past might be effecting your current mind state. We all need a little self-help once in awhile and one session with Bree is like watching 25 seasons of Oprah – once she’s done with you, you just get “it” more. *you don’t get a free car though.


Psychic – comes from the Greek word “psyche”, which means “breathe of life, soul or spirit”. They read into your soul and have the ability to see past, present and/or future. This is achieved by connecting with the energy field or ‘aura’ of a person.

Clairvoyant – comes from the French word “clear seeing”, and refers to people who are able to see things clearly in their mind’s eye. Rather than telling the future, they can see what is happening in the present, which can help people make sense of people, places or events.

Mediums – refers to the way something is being transmitted or transported. Spirit mediums can transmit and receive information from the spirit world. Mediums cannot influence spirits, they can only pass on messages.




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