The thought of making gnocchi has always terrified me. I think the fear stems from imagining a tiny wrinkly Italian grandmother standing next to me, shouting “BASTA! BASTA! FERMARE!”. But I conquered my fear, kicked that old little woman out of my kitchen and got to work. I wouldn’t say this is the easiest dish to make (read tips down below) but I made two batches and the 2nd one was wayy better. Like many things in life, practise makes perfect!


2 russet potatoes

1/4 cup of flour

1 beaten egg

1 thyme spring



Bake potatoes at 400 degrees for 45-60 minutes OR boil them (whichever you prefer really). I boiled them. Peel potatoes, mash with fork and add thyme + S&P. Sift flour over potatoes and make well. Add beaten egg and gently mix together. With floured hands, knead for 2 minutes until dough is formed. Cut dough into 4 pieces and roll into a snake. Cut bite sized pieces and spoon into boiled water. Once they are cooked, they will rise to the top (usually 1-2 minutes). Set aside and let them cool down. Fry them up with some butter and add sauce. In this case, I added lemon zest, sage and butter but you can really use any sauce you’d like! *Note if you do not like the taste of thyme, leave out of mixture!


-Gnocchi is often ruined because it doesn’t taste airy. To avoid this, make sure you sift the flour and do not over-knead! You are not making pizza dough. The goal is to create a dry dough but the inside might still be a little mush, and that’s totally fine. If you over-knead, the texture once cooked will be dense.

-To make vegan gnocchi, leave out the egg (duh) and add a little bit more flour. It won’t taste as airy but season well and it’ll taste amazeballs!



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