Last weekend, Kevin and I were on Galaino Island for a friend’s wedding. It’s a beautiful remote island about two hours away from Vancouver. After a weekend of livinnnn’ (lots of drinking, eating and dancing) we decided on the very unpleasant ferry ride back to Vancouver that we would extend our stay by two days. We were completely dead – especially Kevin…… View Post

Fall Trend Velvet There’s only one thing on my mind for fall: velvet. It’s taken a few seasons to wrap my head around this. As for most 90’s babies, it brings back flashbacks of terrible decisions I made when I was 10…velvet pants – let’s just say, they were not the most flattering. But many moons later, I was shopping online… View Post

Fall Trend: Wide Pants I wore this look around the Marina district in San Francisco last week and got asked three times within an hour where these pants are from. Apparently, other people are just as obsessed with this look as I am. I normally live and breathe in jeans but since my Europe trip, I’ve really been digging wider set pants.… View Post

Paris is only an hour train from Brussels (where I grew up), so I’ve been to Paris quite a few times. I swear I’m not bragging, it really is just that easy to get there. But no matter how many times I’ve been or showed someone around, when I step foot in Paris it always feels like the first time –… View Post

I decided less than two weeks ago to come visit my family in Belgium. I spent hours trying to find tickets that were reasonably priced but unfortunately with the short notice, no luck. The only decent option I could find was flying into Paris – and well, you don’t have to twist my arm. A good friend of mine also happened… View Post