A few years ago, my bestie and I would wear kimono’s (aka fancy robes) on the reg. We lived/ate/slept in long, oversized clothing and would often argue over who could wear the most comfortable one…the pros and cons of living with your bestie – you have the same taste. Fast forward a few years later, my style changed and I… View Post

I dread buying jeans. Actually loathe it. For years I’ve wanted to fit into cute boyfriend jeans but no luck. When the girlfriend jeans came out, I swore it was the solution to my ongoing frustration: a small waist with a wider set tush if you will. No dice. I always end up with high waisted skinny jeans and it’s something I’ve… View Post

I’ve seen them all – psychics, energy healers, palm readers, tarot people, you name it. Anyone that can read my past, present, future – sign me up! I’ve always had a curious mind regarding the unknown, though I’m sure it helped having a spiritual mom who had crystals laying around the house like it was her job. While everyone else… View Post

after an overwhelmingly beautiful day exploring big sur, my friend brit and I decided to jump in our car and rush to catch the last few rays in carmel. we got out, and the view was breathtaking. inhaled the beauty, exhaled whatever bs didn’t matter. those are my favorite kind of travel moments; the ones you least expect, the ones that aren’t planned, the… View Post

When I booked my ticket months ago, I thought this would be a great way to connect with local bloggers, expand my network and pick some some tips along the way. I had no idea about the scale, the level of production and the caliber of speakers attending. I was absolutely blown away. The energy in each room was incredibly… View Post