I went camping a few months ago. Ok fine, I went fake camping but the details don’t matter. All that matters is that I’ve never been camping before and I came one step closer; I went glamping. I surprised Kevin with an adventure back in December. He thought we were going to sunny San Diego, instead we stayed in a charming… View Post

So I was running a weekly $65 delivery tab from Gjusta, the hipster mecca of all bakeries in Venice, when Kevin noted that the only reasons I was running up this solo tab was a) because I’m lazy b) because I’m absolutely obsessed with their carrot dish. Reluctantly realizing he made a good point, I had a come to jesus moment… View Post

Today is my 28th birthday and it feels different. This birthday is very significant to me because it is the first time I feel like “an adult”. Some pretty terrifying family issues happened to us a few months ago and it has taught me all sorts of things. That I am in control of my own life and that I… View Post

I met Bobbi years ago and before we could get close, she moved away to Toronto to pursue a career in fashion. She’s the type of person you never forget; a free spirit with bright blue eyes and an infectious smile that could end any war. I recently caught up and her life is completely different from when we last spoke. Tired… View Post

Back in the day, I would only buy expensive sunglasses. I would beg my parents for the latest overly flashy Dolce&Gabanna sunglasses – yes, they looked as tacky as they sound. A few years ago, on a strict budget as a student, I stumbled across some pretty rad sunglasses at Urban Outfitters – they ended becoming my favorite pair of all time…until I sat… View Post