Yesterday, bright and early, eager to experience something new, my friend Brit and I attended “The Class by TT”. I had just found out about this amazing mind body work out and decided Brit would be the perfect person to go with, she’s kind of a spiritual hippy.

We were lucky enough to have the class taught by the genius creator, Taryn Toomey. We walk in, late of course (parking was a b*tch) and we immediately get split up. Bummed in the moment but in the end, best thing that could have happened cause we really got to zone into her words and most importantly, our mind and body.

The class was already five minutes in, so when I looked around I saw all these people in strange positions, with their eyes closed, breathing heavily – they were all really into it. The music was BLARING, my absolute fav but it was Taryn’s raspy voice that was drawing me in one word at a time.

“Dear Body, I’m sorry I’ve neglected you. I’m present and here now.”

The Class describes itself as a 75 minute cathartic mind-body experience. If I were to describe this class, the class, in one sentence, it would be: a cathartic, self healing experience through intense physical exertion with thunderous, soul punching music blaring. Ok, that’s a long sentence but you get the jist hopefully. Through repetitive exercises – like four minutes straight of burpees, nine minute long jumping jacks – Toomey is guiding you to talk to that thing, the thing that you’re saying to yourself when it gets rough.

“Whatever bad experience you’re holding in, that thing, whatever it may be, whatever you want to name it…let that shit out.”

The first part of the class was difficult. My body couldn’t keep up with my mind. I wanted to keep going, I wanted to stay strong but fucking cramps, my shoulder, my arms, everything started hurting. I heard, I mean really heard all the words Taryn was saying, but my body wasn’t as interested I guess. I started getting frustrated. There were about 3 or 4 jumping jack sets (imagine very powerful four minute long namaste jumping jacks) and after the 2nd round, I had to stop a few times, I was hot, sweating, couldn’t find my rhythm and frustration set in. And then the most unexpected part happened – she told us to close our eyes, let go and move whichever way your body wants to. Take up your mat, own your space, be in your body. And so I danced. I closed my eyes and danced. Never ever imagined I’d dance to Snow Patrol as happily as I did – my 15 year old depressed self had a giggle. Halfway through, I opened my eyes to look around and bodies were moving in different shapes, at different paces. The energy in the room was infectious to remain in your body and keep moving, so closed my eyes again, and kept dancing. I even sang words I hadn’t sung in years – sorry neighbors. #throwback

And that’s when magic happened. Immediately after our sweaty dance party, another round of jumping jacks. No no no, please not again. But I found my rhythm this time. My body finally aligned with my mind. I wasn’t thinking, I was just moving and I did it, I was in my body. But like, really. The sweat really kicked in and I felt euphoric. After what felt like forever, the music slowed down as did our breathing as we laid down on our mats. My heart beat settled and her voice stung my soul again.

“How has it been in there for you lately?”


One tear rolled down my face.

Deep breath, deep release.

“There you are.”

More tears.

It’s hard to describe The Class because ultimately I think everyone will experience the movements and what is being said differently. But this class had elements of all my favorite workouts. It had pilates’ repetitive movements, yoga’s thoughtful insights into my soul and the euphoric feeling that nothing else can give you but an epic dance party. It ain’t called the class for no reason – my limbs feel like spaghetti today.

Check out video below for a sneak peak. Taught in New York and Los Angeles, coming to Vancouver soon.

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